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2012 Lexus GX460

Report: Lexus GX SUV may go unibody for next generation, turbo engines in the works

Some new reports are out surrounding Lexus’s mid-sized luxury SUV, the GX. And in those reports, word is that Lexus is considering a completely new platform for the next-generation GX, which means the Japanese luxury brand may move the GX from a body-on-frame platform to a unibody structure. “There is a potential that at some […]

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Toyota Prius C doesn’t receive Consumer Reports recommendation

The Toyota Prius C is the brand’s cheapest hybrid vehicle and has been selling quite well. In March 2012, it was reported that the Toyota Prius C beat the Volt and Leaf‘s February 2012 total sales figure in just 3 days. Check out more news on the Toyota Prius C. So how did fare with Consumer […]

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2013 Mercedes-Benz GL63 AMG V8

Mercedes-Benz AMG-up’s their full-size family truckster to make the GL63 AMG

Mercedes-Benz likes to make an AMG model out of pretty much anything, and this notion comes especially after the brand decided to AMG-up their Hummer H1 equivalent in 2005, the Gelandewagen, to make the G55 AMG. Now, Mercedes-Benz has decided to AMG their latest urban family truckster. So if the kids are driving you nuts […]

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Ferrari to auction off rare 599XX EVO to help Italy earthquake victims

Ferrari announced today that it will be opening an international on-line auction raise funds for the families of victims of the earthquakes that hit the Emilia-Romagna region since the May 20, 2012. Ferrari said that as soon as new of the earthquakes broke out, its clients and collectors from around the world contacted the company to […]

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Alfa Romeo C12 GTS Concept Action Angle

Report: Ugur Sahin looking for funding to produce Alfa Romeo C12 GTS Concept

Turkish car designer Ugur Sahin’s latest project is a concept for a two-door, front-engined Alfa Romeo sports car. The concept is dubbed the C12 GTS and Sahin is currently seeking investors to help him bring his vision to production. Making requests through his company Ugur Sahin Design, based out of the Netherlands, Sahin has released […]

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Report: Maserati SUV will be brand’s first diesel

To help compete in key European markets, higher-ups at Maserati have confirmed that its upcoming Kubang SUV will be offered with diesel power. It is suspected that the Kubang may be borrowing the Jeep Grand Cherokee’s 237hp 3.0-liter V6 diesel. However, Maserati’s VP of product development Roberto Corradi remains tight-lipped on exactly which engine will […]

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2013 Volkswagen CC R-Line Front Fascia

2013 Volkswagen CC R-Line is U.S. bound

Making its global debut at the upcoming 2012 Auto Mobil International show on June 1st in Leipzig is the updated Volkswagen CC sports sedan R-Line. The CC R-Line will be hitting U.S. soil exclusively later this year and will feature interior and exterior upgrades, while power will remain the same as the standard CC. Exterior […]

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2013 BMW M6 Convertible

Report: Manual transmission coming to the BMW M6 lineup in 2013

The 2013 BMW M5 is available in the United States with a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic and a 6-speed manual transmission. However, the same isn’t offered in the new M6 Coupe and Convertible. Well, that’s all about to change. Source say that come end of 2013 (or early 2014) both the M6 Coupe and the M6 […]

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2012 Chrysler 200

Report: Chrysler’s future vehicles will be designed by the wind

Anyone will tell you that one of the most important factors when designing a new car is aerodynamics. Chrysler Group LLC’s design chief Ralph Gilles said today that his team will spend more time in the wind tunnel when designing future models. Talking to reporters at the annual Mackinac Policy Conference, Gilles said aerodynamics is […]

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Jay Leno – Tata Nano

Video: Jay Leno brings the Tata Nano from Bollywood to Hollywood

Bollywood is to India as Hollywood is to the United States. Taking on that theme, Jay Leno’s Garage recently decided to bring the Tata Nano, India’s – and the world’s – cheapest car from Bollywood to Hollywood. The video starts with Tata Motors building Jay Leno’s Tata Nano in India and shipping it over to […]

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