Report: Pictures of Shelby 1000 lifting front axle are officially fake

Muscle car fan or not, the Shelby 1000 has been making quite a buzz as of recent. And this could probably be due to the fact that it will be making a grand appearance at next week’s New York International Auto Show, and that it can produce in excess of 1,000hp.

To try and tease the sort of badassery that Shelby wants to portray, some photos hit the web of the Shelby 1000 in action, but it wasn’t just any action shot. The Shelby 1000 was pictured lifting its front axle off of the ground as part of the amount of power that it produces when wide-open-throttle happens.

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As it turns out however, the photos were digitally altered! Yes, that means they’re fake! Shelby American acknowledged this not too long ago and said that they thought the editing was only going to fix shadows. After spokesman Scott Black saw the picture, he openly acknowledged the photos as fake.

Either way, this has no effect on the Shelby 1000’s debut at New York. And if anything, with camera technology these days, Shelby should just skip the photos and record a slow-motion video of the 1000 on slicks and on the strip. That would be something!

– By: Chris Chin

Source: USAToday via AutoWeek