Report: Audi might be working on A4 Avant-based minivan

It seems like niche markets aren’t exactly niche any more, simply because niche denotes small, but examples such as the “crossover” seem to be more than just popular. And the ones who usually like to indulge in these, by definition, small markets are the Germans. That said, there are reports saying that Audi thinks that not all niches have been thought of.

Word is that the Ingolstadt brand is considering a lifted mini-van version of the A4 Avant. According to the report, some Audi engineers and designers met at a studio in Turin, Italy, to see some early renditions of this idea.

Though it is currently unknown as to whether this model has received the greenlight.

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“The last thing we want to create is a minivan.” said in Audi insider. “A minivan is incompatible with the Audi brand image. It triggers all the wrong associations, like soccer mom, kiddy seats and weekend groceries.”

In the same report, the words super and avant—the name Audi likes to call their estate wagons—were being combined to make “Superavant.” So far, the insider also said that it would most likely be based off of the A4 because it would strike the right balance.

“The Superavant addresses primarily lifestyle-related packaging issues and will thus be offered only with two row of seats. Those looking for a seven-seater should check out a Sharan or a T5,” the insider added.

Other than that, no other details have been released. Does Audi really need to add another vehicle just to cater to the “lifestyle-related” packaging issues? There’s really not much more an A4 “Superavant” can do that the Q5 already does.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: CAR Magazine