Video: Cadillac’s ‘Front to Back’ commercial with two vehicles driving side-by-side is 100% authentic

Cadillac - Front to Back

About two months ago, Cadillac released a new commercial called ‘Front to Back’ – an ad that showed to Cadillac CTS models driving side-by-side around tight curves. However, the spin came in when one Cadillac was driving straight and the other was driving in reverse.

Hard to believe right? Well, according to Cadillac – it was all real.

The company posted a multi-angle video of the commercial on Facebook today with this status:

“Many of you were surprised to learn that our CTS ad with the two vehicles driving side-by-side was 100% authentic. Now, as promised, we’re giving you all the extended footage of our amazing drivers in action.”

Check out both videos after the jump.

– By: Omar Rana