Chevrolet to replace Impala in NASCAR for 2013, new model will also hit showrooms

Chevrolet Impala

Chevrolet is currently crafting an all-new model for entry into the 2013 Nascar Sprint Cup Series along with a production version, also set to be released next year.

“We are keeping the wraps on the new car for now and will continue to prepare for next season by testing camouflaged vehicles,” said Jim Campbell, vice president, Chevrolet Performance Vehicles and Motorsports. “We know that Chevrolet fans are eager to see the new racecar and we hope that the prospect of being able to own one just like it will make the wait a little more bearable.”

The automaker has been racing an Impala since 2007, and recently, at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, won three out of the top five spots, amongst numerous other wins.

Chevrolet has been involved in racing since its inception 100 years ago, and intends to continue dominating the tracks with its next model.

“The Impala has been a critical part of Chevrolet’s success in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and we are confident the new racecar will allow us to remain the most successful name in NASCAR Sprint Cup Series history,” Campbell said.

Check back with us for more on the new Chevy model.

By: Alexandra Koken