Mercedes-Benz dishes out more details on SLS AMG E-CELL, does 0 to 62 mph in 4 secs

Mercedes-Benz has given up some new details on its SLS AMG E-Cell model, the luxury automakers upcoming all-electric supercar.

The automaker has been working on the drive train for this model for the past two years, resulting a system of four electric motors, one near each wheel, that together kick out 526-hp and 649 lb-ft of torque. This makes for a 0-62mph time of 4 seconds, just .2 seconds shy of the standard V8 SLS AMG.

A transmission is added to each axel to transfer power for the motors that allows for permanent all-wheel drive. To accommodate this, the double wishbone front axel was swapped out for an independent multi-link suspension with pushrod damper struts.

Another permanent feature is the active “torque vectoring” system. This improves handling and traction, minimizes ESP interference, and helps prevent oversteering and understeering by controlling each motor individually.

To keep operating temperature of the motors in check, Mercedes implemented an electronic control system that maintains two low-temperature cooling circuits by converting the high-voltage battery’s direct current to three-phase alternating current.

Built into the aluminum body shell is a monocoque housing from the carbon-fiber transmission tunnel, housing the 400V liquid-cooled lithum-ion battery, which is charged through the breaking system.

Stopping power is provided with a re-calibration of the ABS and ESP systems, and by a set of high-performance ceramic composite brakes. Discs are sized at 402 x 39 mm up front, and 360 x 32 mm in back.

Mercedes will be releasing the SLS AMG E-Cell on a limited production basis for 2013.

By: Alexandra Koken