Stitcher Radio becomes BMW Apps and MINI Connected Ready

BMW Stitcher

Following the integration of Pandora into its vehicles, BMW announced today that it is adding Stitcher Smart Radio iPhone App compatibility to vehicles equipped with BMW Apps and Mini Connected.

“As promised, the BMW Group continues to deliver great, new services like Stitcher to our worldwide customers via the groundbreaking platforms of MINI Connected and BMW Apps,” said Uwe Higgen, head of the international BMW AppCenter network, based in Munich, Germany.  Development of the Stitcher app will commence via the BMW AppCenter Mountain View, California, which continuously scouts for new services in the Silicon Valley and the greater North American market.

When integration is completed, an update to the Stitcher app will allow a host of the app’s entertainment features to be integrated seamlessly into the car.

The prototype Stitcher app for the BMW Apps and the MINI Connected platforms will showcase the following unique capabilities:

  • Seamless integration and control of Stitcher’s services through the vehicle’s infotainment system, which enables easy searches for content, the ability to provide feedback (“More Like This” and “Listeners Also Like”),  and fast forward and rewind control
  • The ability to create or remove custom stations on demand
  • High-resolution visual display featuring album art and convenient show/episode information, such as latest episodes, duration and whether the listener has already listened to the episode

Stitcher offers the following features:

  • Personalized playlists of listeners’ favorite shows
  • Stitcher recommendation of other programs based on listening preferences towards the discovery of new shows and content
  • The broadest selection of podcasts and live radio on-demand
  • Stitcher SmartRadio enjoys a 5 star consumer rating and #1 ranking in the iTunes App Store’s News category

– By: Omar Rana