Porsche upgrades Euro delivery program

Porsche upgrades Euro delivery program

Porsche has recently made some tweaks to its European Delivery Program that adds some new benefits for its buyers.

Through the program, customers can purchase a vehicle at any Porsche dealer, and take delivery of the model at one of two German factories the automaker has. This is now a courtesy service, and also includes discount access for hotels and airfare.

Transportation is provided from the airport to one of the two locations, depending on the model being purchased. While both options come with a factory tour, opting for the Leipsing factory comes with the option of taking a Cayenne SUV off-road, or test driving a selection of vehicles on the Porsche Test Track. As for the Suttgart-Zuffenhausen, this factory selection includes a trip to the
Porsche Museum.

The keys for the owner’s new model are presented at the time of arrival, with a private presentation and photo opportunities with various Porsche-inspired backgrounds are also included.

The discounted stay in Germany can be extended for up to two weeks, allowing owners to experience the car in its homeland, or take a European tour.

At the end of the journey, Porsche will then ship your vehicle back to the U.S. free of any additional charge.

– By: Alexandra Koken