Ferrari’s North America CEO named Automotive Executive of the Year

The Automotive Executive of the Year Award has been given out since 1964 for impressive industry leadership. This year, President and CEO of Ferrari North America Marco Mattiacci is receiving the award on Friday, April 20 at a luncheon with a guest list 200 attendees long at the Detroit Athletic Club.

Mattiacci is receiving the award for his high-level of customer satisfaction and exceptional marketing.

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“Since taking the helm of Ferrari’s North American operations, which includes North, Central, and South America, Marco Mattiacci has grown sales in these markets 20 percent. This impressive growth has allowed Ferrari to hold its top position in the ultra‚Äźexclusive, yet increasingly competitive segment of the global luxury automotive industry,” notes Robert Djurovic, executive director of the Automotive Executive of the Year Award program, and director of automotive services North America, DNV.

As the first Italian to receive the award, Mattiacci expressed:

“I am extremely honored to receive this award on behalf of my Ferrari colleagues and the North American Dealer network. After more than 55 years in North America, Ferrari’s largest market, we continue to showcase the company and its innovation, the growth of our product offerings, and consistently place a priority on the relationship with our clientele and enthusiasts. I am thrilled to be a part of the team that represents this iconic brand here in North America, and I would like to thank Ferrari Chairman Luca Cordero di Montezemolo and top management for giving us the vision, trust, resources, and outstanding products to succeed.”

– By: Alexandra Koken