Report: Nissan to double sharing of common parts for next cars starting 2013

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Automakers usually lump vehicles with similarly sized underpinnings on the same platform, however, things were different at Nissan… until now.

The Japanese automaker said Monday that it will start to overhaul the way it produces cars by using common parts and platforms across different vehicles segments. The move is expected to reduce production cost by nearly 30 percent for Nissan.

Nissan said that it is developing a new concept called Common Module Family or CMF, which would double the use of common parts among the next generation of its vehicle lineup by 80 percent. The first batch of cars to share the CMF will hit roads in 2013.

“Everything we’re trying to do is about two things: how we make things more in common with partners … and at the same time keep the specificity of each brand,” Carlos Ghosn, the chief executive of Nissan told reporters.

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– By: Omar Rana

Source: AutoNews