Maybach was killed because Daimler lost more than $430,000 on each unit

Maybach 62 S

Maybach has announced that seven years into its run, the ultra-luxury automaker will be closing its doors for good in 2013.

Several factors have contributed to the brand’s demise. Hyper-focused on aesthetics and refinement, Maybach used its price tag to represent status, not the ground-breaking technology, stellar engineering, or ahead-of-the-curve releases like one might expect from a vehicle in this segment.

Exceptional service at Maybach dealers was not enough to keep models rolling off their lots, as yearly sales consistently averaged between 150 and 300 units, with a lifetime total of 3,000 units sold.

Daimler also gave more of its attention to other brands, making the decision to drop Maybach a quick one. Another contributing factor to the end of Maybach is the estimated $438,000 the brand lost on each unit sold.

There were also proposals that never came to be that might have given the brand a boost in sales, such as a luxury SUV with sleeper seats, a smaller entry-level model, and a convertible. There were talks of releasing a line up with five different all new models that never made it to production, either.

With the end of the Maybach will come seven new luxury Mercedes-Benz models based on the upcoming S-class, set for release in 2013.

By: Alexandra Koken

Source: CAR