Volvo celebrates 30th anniversary of the 760

Volvo 760

The Volvo 760 is a classic icon with its shape and distinctly Volvo design. Launched back in February 1982, the model is now celebrating 30 years of success.

The 760 did more for Volvo then sell more cars, the automaker credits its creation with saving the company overall, as it was made in a time when the brand was struggling financially.

When Volvo Car Corporation was created as a sub-division of AB Volvo in 1980, then CEO Hakan Frisinger made the decision to go with one of the original concepts that had previously been cut. Launching a whole new design with plenty of features, reliability and technology at a reasonable price point ended up in 221,309 total units sold. The model was not replaced until 1990, with the 960.

Although the design and theory behind the 760 were both fairly basic, this successful model deserves its credit for salvaging the Volvo brand.

By: Alexandra Koken