BMW X3 wins over Range Rover Evoque in recent Consumer Report comparison

2012 BMW X3

In a recent Consumer Reports comparison involving compact luxury SUVs, the BMW X3 scored the highest out of all of the contenders, which really should be no surprise. After racking up a total of 80 points in CR’s road test, the BMW X3 beat the second place contender—the new Range Rover Evoque—by 20 points.

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“The X3 does an impressive job of combining sporty handling, a lavish interior, and surprising fuel economy,” said David Champion, senior director of Consumer Reports’ Auto Test Center. “Although the stylish Evoque has won lots of accolades in the press, including North American Truck of the Year, our more thorough testing reveals quite a few flaws.”

The reasons why the Range Rover Evoque placed second, despite it being noted for its sexy looks, included a cramped interior, a stiff ride, artificial-feeling steering, and troubling emergency handling. And this comes as a bit of a surprise because the Evoque has been pretty well-received across several prominent news desks. For instance, the Evoque was one of AutoWeek’s Best of the Best, Top Gear UK Magazine’s and Jeremy Clarkson’s choice for Car of the Year, and Motor Trend magazine’s SUV of the Year as well as North American Truck of the Year.

By: Chris Chin