Report: Mazda MX-5 will stay rear-wheel-drive

Mazda MX-5

To some it may not be a shock, but to a concerned mass of Miata/ MX-5 fans, the following is good news: the next MX-5 will be rear drive, weigh under 1,000 kg and power will remain similar. So theoretically, the new car will drive differently, but performance will be similar if not slightly better thanks to the newer and lighter (by 15% over the current lightest model) aluminum spaceframe chassis.

The next engines most likely will be lighter and naturally aspirated, once again, not much of a departure from the original, but the point is to shed weight instead of crank out more power. The entry level SkyActiv 130 bhp will be all of 1.5 liters; the current entry level engine is a 1.8 with the larger option being a two liter. The more powerful engine will probably also be a 1.5, but will be turbocharged.

For those who cannot wait to see a new MX-5, a freshened version will appear at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

– By: Sawyer Sutton

Source: AutoCar