Richard Hammond names BMW 1-Series M Coupe his car of the year

Though even some Top Gear fans would rather get car buying advice from a box of cereal, I have to agree with this choice: Richard Hammond’s car of the year is the BMW 1-series M coupe. Jeremy Clarkson described the car as “BMW at its absolute best.” Others have described the car as close as one can get to the original E30 M3.

In his review, Hammond characterized the car as “a small car, but that’s not the full story. A Labrador puppy and a fully grown duck are both small and roughly the same size as each other, but only one of them will hump your leg, eat your trainers and chew your finger when you try to pet it…And it’s not the duck.”

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To this E30 owner, BMW has produced a car that shows everything that is wrong with BMW and the current lot of european sports sedans on the market today. The 1-series M captures why I like cars in the first place, my E30 does this as well and it isn’t a limited edition car. Why doesn’t BMW make more cars like the 1-series M?

All Photos Copyright © Omar Rana – egmCarTech.

– By: Sawyer Sutton

Source: BMWBlog