Report: Lease a Smart for $99/month, as parent Mercedes seeks to boost sales

2012 Smart ForTwo

Smart has been having a little bit of a tough time as of recent and in an effort to boost sales, Smart USA launched a $99-a-month lease campaign last week, versus the original lease rates of $159 to $169 per month.

All buyers need to do is shift over a $999 down payment and they will be able to drive off with a Smart car and hop around in it for a 36-month lease term…Not that I would want to personally.

But Mercedes-Benz owns Smart and after this past July, the Germany’s prestigious brass relieved the Penske Automotive Group from their obligation with Smart’s US distribution.

Smart USA’s general manager, Tracey Matura, also confirmed that Mercedes-Benz is making a hard effort to try and boost sales and revitalize the brand. Matura also added that hopefully, the new electric Smart car will help that.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: AutoNews