First General Lee 1969 Dodge Charger to be auctioned at Barrett-Jackson

1969 Dodge Charger

The very first 1969 Dodge Charger from The Dukes of Hazzard will be going under the hammer next month at the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, Arizona.

With no reserve price on the car, the 1969 Charger is expected to bring in a nice chunk of change from The Dukes of Hazzard fans.

Known as the Lee 1 during the 1978 production, this specific Charger was featured in a wrecked condition in a subsequent episode and the left in a Georgia to rot in a junkyard until 2001. The model was eventually pickup up by Travis Bell and went through a set of buyers before brought by Marvin Murphy. Murphy and Bell then decided to restore the car. Since its restoration, the car has been owned by Murphy.

We’re not sure how much the car will bring but a replica of the car owned by John Schneider was auctioned off for $450,000 in 2008.

– By: Omar Rana