Report: Fill-up your car with gas…by swiping your driver’s license?

Driver License Swipe

A Saginaw, Michigan gas station is testing out a new way to help prevent gasoline theft and improve customer convenience with a new device called Post-Pay.

Post-Pay is a device that unlocks gas pumps when a driver’s license is passed through it, just like a credit card machine would work. This would make it much easier for cash paying customers to fill up their tanks, as they can go straight to the pump and pay at the register when they are done.

The other upside to the Post-Pay is that the information taken off the license can be sent to the police in the event that someone attempts to leave without paying for gas.

President of Paxson Oil Company Bob Hohn is responsible for the invention of the Post-Pay system and has applied for a patent on the device, which is currently going through testing at two of the company’s locations.

Sounds like a great idea, but it would be even more convenient if everyone got on board with New Jersey’s full service stations.

By: Alexandra Koken

Source: Consumer Reports