Donkervoort GTO shoots up to 400-hp with 2.5L Audi TFSI 5-cylinder

In the world of motorsports and private racing clubs Lotus and KTM (creators of the X-BOW) are pretty well known. But there is another brand that is also very competitive in that circle – Donkervoort. Working close with Audi Quattro GmbH, Donkervoort has presented its latest creation, the GTO.

Besides its stellar good looks, the Donkervoort GTO is larger than its predecessor (the D8 270RS) and is powered by a 2.5 liter Audi TFSI 5-cylinder making between 340-hp to 400-hp depending on which mode you’re in. Maximum torque comes in at 332 lb-ft from 1,600 rpms. All that power in a lightweight body has to be pretty outstanding.

“This weight savings is obtained by redesigning several accessory parts of the motor together with the Audi technicians,” said founder Joop Donkervoort. “For example, amongst others a new intake manifold was developed. Because the intake follows a more favourable route through the motor area it is not only lighter, but has a favourable effect on the achievements of the motor as well. The dashboard in this design of the GTO is equipped with a special race module switch, which can increase the capacity from 340 to 400 HP at once. Connected to this is another Donkervoort novelty: the first car from Lelystad that has ‘traction control’ on board. Only for when it is raining of course.”

Production of the Donkervoort GTO will start in 2012 with delivered to start in the summer. Regular versions of the model is expected to hit roads in early 2013. Prices range between € 100,000 ($129,995 USD) and € 150,000 ($194,992 USD).

– By: Omar Rana