GE WattStation Wall Mount fast-charger for sale on

GE Energy has announced that the company’s new WattStation Wall Mount electric vehicle (EV) charger is now available to purchase on

“As demand and interest in the GE WattStation continues to grow, we’re excited to give our customers an easy way to purchase the charger,” said Sergio Corbo, chief marketing officer for GE Energy’s Industrial Solutions business. “We believe the product is well-suited to an online purchasing experience.”

The GE WattStation Wall Mount provides a full-cycle charge to a 24 kWh battery in only 4 to 8 hours, whereas plugging an EV into a standard electrical outlet in your house (or anywhere else) would require 12-18 hours to provide the same level of charge.

The GE WattStation comes equipped with built-in fuses to provide overload protection in the event of a fault occurrence. Of course its also very portable for both indoor and outdoor locations. It stands just 24 inches tall, 16 inches wide and 6 inches deep.

Prices as listed on $1,099.

Check it out here.

– By: Omar Rana