Report: U.S. traffic deaths hit a historic low… again


Americans traveled 46 billion more miles in 2010 then they did in 2009, but according a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration study, fatalities still remained on their 5 year decline.

In 2009, it was reported that it had been 60 years since the number of fatalities had as low as they were, and 2010 saw a 2.9% drop for the year, to 32,885, which is the lowest number since 1949. Oddly, travel had increased by 1.6% overall in 2010.

Declines in fatalities were found in the majority of the categories, but increased in motorcycle, large-truck, and pedestrian accidents. NHTSA has found that 2010 marked the fifth year in a row to see a decline in fatalities, the longest since 1899, when the studies began.

Drunk driving accidents have decreased by 4.9%, with 10,228 fatalities caused by drunk drivers.

NHSTA also has a new study being tested that will track the number of ‘dstraction-affected crashes’, that concentrates on drivers who are talking on cell phones, talking to passengers, or making adjustments to the stereo.

In 2014, NHSTA expects to release another study concerning crash involvement and how the driver reacts to them.

– By: Alexandra Koken

Source: KickingTires