Nissan Juke-R may be the fastest and coolest crossover, but Japan execs aren’t happy

Enthusiasts can certainly appreciate the UK based Skunkworks engineers stuffing a 3.8-liter GT-R engine under the hood of the Juke, but the Nissan executives at the company’s headquarters in Japan seem a bit unhappy about not being the first to know.

It seems that Nissan of Europe’s team picked up their air guns and welders before getting approval from higher-ups to go ahead with the concept. Even though teasers were showing up online, the release of the concept was still unknown to much of the staff and higher ups at Nissan. So when they caught wind of what was happening with their iconic motor it was not well received.

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The concept is hard to overlook with over 485-hp and plenty of fine tuning. This was a solid effort, with plenty of video to reinforce that.

Not only did Nissan of Europe just make one Juke-R – they made two – one in left-hand-drive and one in right-hand-drive.

– By: Alexandra Koken

Source: AutoBlog