Report: Aston Martin sees 25% of future sales coming from Asia

2011 Aston Martin V12 Zagato Concept b

According to Aston Martin’s director for China, a quarter of the global sales for the brand could come from Asia within two years, nearly double what it is now.

Bennett said that Aston Martin entered China nearly three years ago – the region has already become its largest and fastest growing market in Asia. Aston delivered a total of 110 cars in the country in 2010. That could double to 500 units in 2012.

“China is not only the biggest but the fastest growing by a long long way (in the region),” Bennett said. “In 18 months, we will see China and Asia Pacific as a whole really on a par with the other big three markets.”

To win additional customers in China, Aston Martin is introducing the new V12 Zagato in the region with a price tag of roughly 9 million yuan. Many of the brand’s popular models such as the Vantage and Rapide are already available there.

– By: Roman Bronfenbrener

Source: Automotive News