Nissan starts selling Quick Chargers for EVs in Japan

Nissan LEAF Quick Charger

As of yesterday, Nissan Motor Co, Ltd. has started commercial sales of its latest quick charger in Japan.

At half the volume of the previous model, the new quick charger still maintains all of the performance of its predecessor, and features simplistic technology and design with electric circuit technology.

Nissan will be installing 400 of the new chargers at its dealerships by March 2012, along with local government locations, in an effort to make Leaf ownership as convenient as possible. The automaker is also open to work with other sales companies to reach its goal of selling 5,000 units by spring of 2016.

Costs for the new quick charger have been cut in half, leaving each unit with a price tag of about $7,700 USD. After government incentives, the price drops even further to $4,100.

– By: Alexandra Koken