Report: Ford has four candidates to take Mulally’s place as CEO

Alan Mulally

One of the most widely admired CEOs in the automotive industry is FoMoCo‘s Alan Mulally, the former Boeing CEO, who came to Detroit in 2006 to turnaround Ford.

But Mulally is now hitting 66, which means Ford’s board of directors is now considering a successor, even if his departure form the position is uncertain. Mulally, who seems happy and healthy to stay at Ford, will probably do just that until he decides to step down.

“He continues to do well,” said one former Ford executive, adding a statement from Executive Chairman Bill Ford that Mulally “can continue to stay there as long as he wants.”

Nonetheless, there will eventually be a successor for Mulally and there are at least four candidates for his position:

  • Mark Fields: 50, president of the Americas, currently the front-runner.
  • Lewis Booth: CFO, 63. Booth might be the choice if Mulally were to retire soon.
  • Jim Farley: 49, group vice president of global marketing, sales and service.
  • Joe Hinrichs: 45, group vice president of Ford Asia Pacific and Africa.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Automotive News