Video: Classical music and two Radical SR3 cars make beautiful sounds on a racetrack

Piano Guys Radical SR3 Track

What do you get when you put two Radical SR3 cars and classical music together on a racetrack? A beautiful work of art. The Piano Guys recently received an invitation from Brad and Andrea Harker to visit a private race track in the middle of the Nevada desert just outside of Las Vegas.

The team took their cameras and a new tune that they created just for the occasion. The tune? An epic classical piece by Carl Orff.

“In the end it was no contest; especially when we read the English transition of the Latin lyrics in the piece — which speak of fate like a “wheel” and a “driving force!” the Piano Guys said. “Our version of O Fortuna was so much fun to create that it was done in a matter of three days (we couldn’t let ourselves do anything else until it was finished). It consists of 6 piano tracks, 43 acoustic cello tracks, 3 percussion tracks, and 48 vocal tracks.”

Hit the jump for the video.

– By: Omar Rana