Nissan 370Z NISMO RC is lighter, faster and ready for the track

The Nissan 370Z is an outstanding sports car for any enthusiast – but you know what’s better than that? The Nissan 370Z Nismo, however, there’s now something better than that. Meet the new Nissan 370Z Nismo RC.

The track ready 370Z Nismo RC is based on the street legal Z but has been prepared for the track but is significantly lighter and fitted with a FIA-compliant roll cage, fire extinguisher, racing seat and numerous NISMO performance upgrades. The model has been built to conform to International FIA GT4 and World Challenge GTS class specifications.

Power still comes from the 3.7 liter Nissan VQ37VHR engine making 355-hp and 276 lb-ft of torque. The track-ready model gets a NISMO race exhaust, NISMO tuned ECM, high capacity NISMO clutch, flywheel, engine oil, transmission and differential coolers and a Recaro racing seat with 6-point racing harness. The best part? It weighs in at 2,954 lbs.

If you end up buying one, Nissan Motorsports provides an easy way to race its 370Z in a competitive professional racing series. You can contact them at 1 (888) 833-3225 or send e-mail inquiries to

– By: Omar Rana