Video: Custom 1:4 scale Peterbilt remote controlled truck can tow a real car

1:4 scale Peterbilt remote controlled truck

Bordin Luca of Italy is the man responsible for building a remote-controlled truck that has the ability to move a car.

Luca, being a fan of Peterbilt American big rigs, came across an online video of a model truck being driven by a man, which inspired him to do the same. As the project continued, it went through nine months of evolution and development before Luca completed an R/C controlled tow truck.

The body was the starting point for the construction, which is made up of fiberglass, a wood frame, plastic pieces treated to a chrome-like finish and a set of 1.5 mm thick pipes made of steel as the base.

At just under 400 lbs, the model needs some significant power, which comes from a 36-volt 750 Watt electric motor. Luca also added a sound system to simulate the sounds of a regular truck.

Luca isn’t stopping here. Look for his next project: a 5-meter long trailer, in the future.

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– By: Alexandra Koken

Source: CarScoop