Ford will show off custom Focus and Fiesta models at 2011 SEMA show

Ford is bringing many different tuner versions of its Fiesta and Focus models to this year’s SEMA Show, with the brands 110-year history in motorsports to support them.

Seven different versions of the 2012 Focus hatchback and sedan have been selected by Ford to be shown. Tuners behind the creations include 3dCarbon, ID Agency, Seeda, Capaldi Racing, Roush, Bojix Design, and COBB Tuning.

Ford’s compact car marketing manager Mike Murphy explains the extensive selection, saying “Mellenials, which this car is all about, want to personalize every aspect of their lives – everything from laptop covers to body art and even cars.”

Click here for details on each model.

The 2012 Fiesta has three or better for the show with work by Aaron Vaccar, Gold Coast Automotive, and M2-Motoring.

A new 363-cubic inch Ford Racing stroker V8 will be revealed, along with performance enhanced variants on the Mustang.

– By: Alexandra Koken