Fisker Karma gets official EPA rating of 52 mpge, 32 mile electric-range

Fisker has finally started sales of the new 2012 Karma plug-in hybrid sedan after receiving official certifications from the Untied States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) earlier this week.

So what did the EPA give the Karma? 52 miles per gallon-equivalent (mpg-e) in combined city and highway driving. That figure also includes 32 miles of all-electric range, and 20 mpg when its gasoline engine kicks in to provide electricity once the Karma’s lithium-ion battery pack is depleted.

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Now that might not impress many of you that are thinking – ‘well, the Chevrolet Volt gets better.” That’s because this isn’t the Volt. The Fisker Karma is a much heavier car with a bunch extras and much more power. Fisker says that a Karma owner with a 40-mile commute who kicks-off each day with a full battery charge will only need to visit the gas station about every 1,000 miles and would use just 9 gallons of gasoline per month.

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Power comes from Fisker’s Q-DRIVE system, which is made up of two 201-hp electric-motors that are powered by a lithium-ion battery pack. That allows the 2010 Karma to travel up to 50 miles without the use of any gasoline. A generator attached to a 260-hp turbocharged 2.0-liter Ecotec direct injection gasoline engine by General Motors provides an extended range of up to 300 miles. 0 to 60 mph comes in 5.8 seconds with a top speed of 125 mph.

The Karma’s battery can be recharged in less than 6 hours using the same 240v household current. A standard 110v power from will take almost forever.

“With receipt of EPA certification in hand, we have achieved a major milestone by recording the first sales of our groundbreaking Karma sedan,” said Henrik Fisker, CEO and co-founder of Fisker Automotive. “Production of the Karma is ramping, and we have a strong dealer network in place so we can deliver many more of these truly amazing automobiles to customers during the remainder of 2011 and for many years to come.”

– By: Omar Rana