2011 Chrysler 300

In the November 2009 5-year plan that Sergio Marchionne unveiled for Chrysler, he said that 14 percent of its global sales would be powered by diesels by 2014. The CEO of the Auburn Hills automaker was never really fan of going the hybrid route… until now.

To comply with tougher U.S. fuel-economy standards proposed for 2025, Chrysler will build more hybrid vehicles. Later in 2013, the Chrysler brand will offer a hybrid version of the 300.

In a a recent interview with Automotive News, Marchionne said that his attitude has not changed about hybrid but he acknowledged that fuel economy standards for 2025 have made hybrids a must.

“I have no other way of getting to 2025 numbers than by going to hybrids,” he said.

The CEO of Chrysler and Fiat said that hybrids would come in addition of a broad range of diesel offerings in the United States. Chrysler will start offering a diesel version of the Jeep Grand Cherokee in 2013.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Automotive News

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