Report: Jaguar, Land Rover to build cars in China

With a quickly growing popularity in China and close to 100 dealers, Jaguar Land Rover has been seeking out a company to manufacture and sell the brand’s vehicles there. Currently a deal is in the works, and it looks like JLR will soon be partnered with Chery Automobile for the manufacturing vehicles to be sold strictly to the Chinese market.

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Regulations in China require any foreign car manufacturers to have both a joint venture contract with a native brand and a sub-brand strictly for its own geographical market. Chery Automobile, the biggest vehicle exporter in China, has been contacted by a number of other companies, as well. The Chinese government has been hesitant to bring in an overabundance of foreign car makers as they feel the contracts it will be engaging in will outlast the spike in sales.

Currently, neither JLR or Chery have commented on the matter, however it has been reported that both are looking to proceed, and attempting to require regulatory approval.

– By: Alexandra Koken

Source: AutoCar