Video: Lamborghini Gallardo has fun at the track, falls into ditch on its way home

Lamborghini Gallardo Falls in Ditch

Owning a premium supercar has its ups bit it also has its downs. Case in point – an owner of this Lamborghini Gallardo spent a wonderful day at the track – but on his way home he found himself in a pretty sticky situation that will most likely cost him and arm and leg.

According to YouTube user Marchettino who filmed and uploaded this video you’re about to see here:

I have filmed a friend’s Lamborghini Gallardo during a trackday event. Video shows first some track scenes. At the end of the day my friend left the racetrack. The main road was very tight, there was another car coming from the opposite way. Worried about scratching his car against the other, my friend moved too much on the right side of the road and half of the car fell down. Actually, we were in the countryside, in the middle of nowhere. It was a pretty difficult situation to move the car. Before all the haters starts to write negative comments about my friend.. it’s just an accident, it could happen to everyone.

Follow the break for the video.

– By: Omar Rana