Report: Bentley will race all-new LMP1 car

Bentley LMP1 Car

Bentley may be planning to put its LMP1 up against Porsche and Audi in upcoming racing plans.

While no official announcements will be made until next summer, Wolfgang Durheimer, Bentley CEO says “An LMP1 car would be a good way to go, but not the only possible way. There is nothing saying the same brands can’t compete against each other – the only important thing is that the racing activity supports fully the brand identity.”

Other possiblities include different race programes, as Durheimer sees space for the brand in both Asia and the U.S. He elaborates “The three brands of Bentley, Porsche and Audi could race in different regions and come together five or six times a year for the world sportscar championship and that once per year in France. It’s no decided, but it is possible.”

He also feels that it is crucial to keep the race team and Bentley’s Crewe base close to one another, because he is “absolutly convinced that having the racing department close to the company headquarters is key in motivating people at the factory. I am also keen that people from the road car side sample the racing side… In racing you need discipline and focus, and when people come back to road cars from that enviorment it really helps them.”

By: Alexandra Koken

Source: AutoCar