Report: BMW’s Quandt family accepts ties to Nazis

The Quandt family, who are heirs to a fortune that includes a stake in BMW, have accepted their involvement of their forefather’s with Hitler’s National Socialists. The report was made by Die Zeit in an interview with family members to discuss their past ties to Nazis.

During the interview, Gabriele Quandt said her grandfather Guenther employed an around 50,000 forced laborers in his arms factories and acquired companies through Nazis’ program of ‘Aryanization.’ She said it was wrong for the family to hide that chapter of their history.

Die Zeit reported that Guenther and his son Herbert were responsible for Nazi injustices.

The family said it still plans to award the Herbert Quandt Media Prize since of the ‘values he conferred’ in the ensuing 40 years ‘made him very much a role model for me,’ said Stefan Quandt.

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– By: Omar Rana

Source: Bloomberg