Nissan Frontier Commercial

“With full-size payload and towing, the Nissan Frontier is the mid-size truck that acts like a full size, giving the driver the feeling they can tackle any obstacle,” says the description to a new Nissan commercial that shows the Frontier helping an airplane land after it loses its landing gear.

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Of course at the bottom of the screen you’ll see ‘Fictionalization. Do not attempt.’

We don’t want to see any of you Nissan Frontier owners attempting any of this. Stick to hauling and towing normal sized things.

– By: Omar Rana

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  • Sgtwildeyspam

    What a great marketing ploy. Yeah, let’s show the public exactly what Nissan trucks can’t do. Makes ya wanna run right out and buy one don’t it? psh

  • Tlovell240

    That’s nissan will out run a ford f150 v8 and tow 400 more lbs. Their v6 puts out 280 hp

  • Tlovell240

    Dude you really have no ideah what your talking about. Gm hiored honda to build several motors for their saturn line including the saturn ion and vue redline. Nissans are built in tennessee and they are building twice as many cars as chevy and ford. Get you facts straight before you knock a quality american buoilt nissan

  • Tlovell240

    Another idiot that thinks his 92 silverado is a good example. Nissan and toyota have more trucks with 300k plus on the road than ford,chevy,and dodge combined! Not to mention that they weren’t building trucks 35 years ago….anyone that thinks american cars are better quality than jnapanese is an ignorant redneck…,toyota and honda are built in the u.s. since 2000 while you chevy and fords were built in mexico moron

  • sportwilly

    I think I have “Mythbusterers” take a run at this.  Phoney as hell.

  • I’m sorry all these comment are from  people arguing if this truck can really react to a plane landing gear.  I’m a  70 year old grandmother and I love it this commercial. I love the graphics and I think the people doing the commercial did a great job. People need to lighten up and just enjoy a cute commercial.  I have no plans to run out and get a Nissan truck. Cant get in or drive it but the commercial was cute and I accepted it as it was. 

  • Thisguy


  • runmnts

    I think the commercials are funny and intriguing.  Anyone who analyzes the truth of what commercials tell us that a product does should be making money in the field of making commercials or is wasting their time.  Just like having a big belly, and looking near homeless will have attractive women swooning over you, because you carry a 12 pack of cheap beer.  It’s entertainment, that is all.  What really gets disturbing is when an oil company who packs in hundreds of billions in profits, overcharges us to get that money, supports the killing of our men and women in wars, and has destroyed the environment over the past 100 years, tells us that they are a benevolent and caring company who drive is to make the world a better place.  Or, Weyerhauser whose motto used to be, “The tree planting people.”  Oh no, they were and are the tree cutting people.  People just need to be smart and see all commercials and advertising as manipulation. 

  • Murki_blue

    w0w……fabulos 🙂 i cannot describe my feelings 🙁

  • Angelfire22ph

    as expected…

  • Milobarbin

    So what is the big deal here. This kind of special effect is old hat. I think most people know that you cannot do this with a Frontier and it doesn’t make me want to run out and buy one. On the other hand,  I wouldn’t mind having the computer gear that generated this commercial…….but that’s just me.  

  • Trojan Conquest

    Seriously, what is the point of this ad? Not that it can do this. It’s false advertising. Sure, most people know this isn’t true. But why do the ad if it isn’t possible?

  • GutsyGuy

    Yeah, I did the same thing in my Honda Civic Si — got it up to 140mph, opened the sunroof, and cradled the plane’s front tire right in the sunroof opening !!!!

    Course I also had to increase the tire pressure beforehand to make sure the 30 tons wouldn’t overload the vehicle…….

    Those Japanese vehicles are terrific for saving aircraft !!!

  • Bryan Edgar

    Oh cmon….its supposed to make you laugh. I myself always got a kick out of the nissan ads over the years…most were innovative and funny. It is no more “real” than, say, a z car outrunning a jet, or pigeon bombers, or a lane just for “bob”. As if any pickup could actually do this anyway? I just don’t see where the problem is? Movie stunts aren’t real either, and I’m sure you’re not gonna try to do them in real life…same here. Its just entertainment, and hey, it worked. The product is now remembered.

  • I have a 6.2L Ford Raptor, so I know a bit about going up hills – when I saw the dune buggy commercial I laughed and looked up “nissan frontier commercial pushing dune buggy is fake” in Google and found this site. The physics just don’t work in sand for any normal truck, not even a Raptor, at least not to stop at such a steep angle and push a one-ton buggy up after a dead stop. I know that commercials should be entertaining, but this is implying the actual capabilities of that truck, which do not exist in its current configuration.

  • A Speedracer

    What was done to the truck for the commercial?

  • Greenteam

     Actually from this here first (pre-dates 405) AT THE 1:45 mark:

  • georgescheibert

    Does anybody remember when adverts used to just tell you what the product actually did?  I miss those days…

  • Wjntrb

    70 year old grandmother? Yeah, right.

  • nate

    Great point…that’s not a 727 though, it’s a DC-10.

  • FreshPrinceofPCB

    You forgot “their” instead of “there”. 😛

  • G14drode

    This a 727…whoever said it’s a DC-10 is smoking crack. DC-10’s have one engine on each wing, and one in the tail. The 727 has 3 in the tail.
    Does anyone know where this was filmed…I say Ontario International, but my wife thinks I’m nuts.

  • Skyler


  • Cp

    nothing. it’s computer graphics…

  • Anonymous

    No. I’m pretty certain that’s a 727. If it were a DC-10, it would have an engine under each wing. Instead, as you can see on Youtube, it has three tail-mounted engines, just like a 727.

  • airnut

    That isn’t a 727 based on the distance the center engine is from the fuselage, and the nose is not as pointed as a 727. Not Russian either. Probably a 727 completely rebuilt in CGI not to look like a 727. It does look like it is missing the front of the nose.

  • CommerialsRFake

    That would be an absolutely hilarious episode…

  • Shellster

    Getting so tired of watching truck commercials that show me what they can’t possibly do: pull rusty ships ashore, help airplanes land, climb boulders half the trucks’ size. Get real, advertisers.

  • Harman_01

    it’s real people I saw it on the news 

  • dj

    it real

  • Bigbrutus

    nissan cannot match the quality of ford, gmc or dodge so they have to continue to create lies and trickery in their ads.  i will definitely avoid a nissan dealership the next time i am car shopping.  this type of false advertising should be illegal.

  • Sybertiger1999

    what an A-hole, guess he should all beer, since horses can’t really play football, and frogs can’t talk, bigbrutus should also avoid, BW3’s since they really don’t have buttons to put games iunto overtime, Oh he should also avoid pepsi and coke since polor bears really can’t ride sleds and drink soft drinks, and he should avoid all stores that use santa in their commercials for X-mas, hate to see his kids x-mas morning upset since he avoided all their favorit toys and games since space rangers and talking giraffs are false advertising and cartoons are not real either.  in fact the a-hole that Bigbrutus is should probably just avoid America, since most advertisers make funny or clever commercials.

  • Hh21757

    Harman you are an IDIOT. It’s a commercial you FOOL!No pick-up truck could take 18tons dropping into its bed. All the tires would burst upon contact. SOME PEOPLE ARE JUST SO GULIBLE and STUPID to believe this CRAP

  • Check out this news report.

  • literallyimpossible

    Its in the same vein as the “most interesting man in the world” commercials (Dos Equis beer)… or the Old Spice aftershave commercials… or even the DQ icecream commercials.  Of course these people/what they’re doing and claiming is impossible… but its funny and entertaining.  

  • Hansstofberg

    The biggest fool is he who nows it all.

  • NunYa

    Eat Shit! I drive a Frontier!!

  • Zippy

    More misleading information

    This is not a frog talking, this has to be one of the most misleading, poorly created and illegal commercial now airing

  • zippy

    amazing how so many people can lie just to get their faces on youtube.  What a load of manuer.  The ad should be removed from TV

  • Clark772

    …to whom little is given, little is expected.

  • Chipnauman

     The other Frontier commercial showing the stalled dune buggy being nudged up the hill is also misleading..Once you stop on a hill like that,there is only one thing that is going to happen..and that’s go back down the hill because once your momentum stops,you are never getting up the hill…You just spin your tires.

  • It’s been done. For real.

    Not only is it fake, but it actually has been done by a guy reaching out the passenger window of a car and freeing-up the nose landing gear of an aircraft about to land. A little hard to believe Nissan is all about ‘innovation’ when their advertising is not innovative, it’s fictional.

  • Txinfl2000

    Just another BS marketing campaign …

  • ridon

    +1 txinfl2000

    I hate that for a moment they had me thinking this BS of the first order might be legit. Nissan, I never forget when people try to make me believe that a lie is the truth. Go join some third rate politician’s media team, losers. (always room in Michele Bachman’s camp)

  • Michael Furibondo

    WORST COMMERCIAL EVER MADE!!!!!  oh wait, no its not, the one with the truck snowboarding down a mountain and doing barrel rolls is actually worse.  WHO ARE THESE MORONS MARKETING TO??  Not only do these commercials not make me want to buy a nissan, but they make me think anyone who does is a total ignorant hick.  I laugh at you NISSAN,, seriously, who the hell thought these ads were a good idea???