Don’t mess with Suzuki’s CEO: Suzuki asks Volkswagen to apologize… publicly

Suzuki’s Chairman and CEO Osamu Suzuki is a pretty tough guy. As the company’s estranged marriage with Volkswagen AG heats up, Osamu has asked the German automaker to publicly retract its claim that Suzuki violated their tie-up agreement by sourcing diesel engines from Fiat.

Osamu issued the demand in a letter to Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn on Thursday.

Osamu said that Volkswagen to publicly take back the accusation by Sept. 30, “since Suzuki’s global reputation has been significantly damaged by the announcement.”

On Sept. 11, Volkswagen released a statement saying the the Japanese automaker breached their 2009 alliance contract when it decided to buy diesel engines from Fiat. Suzuki denies that the move violates their relationship. In the following days, Osamu asked for a ‘divorce’ form Volkswagen comparing the relationship to a ‘ball and chain.’

Suzuki demanded that Volkswagen should sell its 19.89 percent stake in the company.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Automotive News