Chrysler to sell factory-owned LA Fiat dealership to New Century Automotive Group

Fiat LA Dealership

Just shy of its one year mark, Chrysler has decided to sell its Los Angeles factory-owned dealership, which is part of Motor Village of L.A.

Chrysler may be facing legal matters that can potentially be avoided by the sale. The automaker will be discussing the charges with the California New Motor Vehicle Board on September 27th.

New Century Automotive Group may be the new owners of the dealer, and Ralph Kisiel, Chrysler spokesman says “We will work expeditiously to close the deal in October. We were looking for a dealer who will continue our vision for a showcase for our brands, somewhere we could experiment with new dealership processes, particularly new processes with customer care. Dennis Linn will continue with our vision.”

If the sale goes through, Chrysler Realty will still own the buildings and land, although Linn will own the dealer itself.

– By: Alexandra Koken

Source: Automotive News