Report: Jaguar execs talk about doing a crossover everyday

Jaguar is going in many new directions with global brand director Adrian Hallmark paying close attention to the demands of its targeted market. One of the latest trends the brand may be following is the release of a crossover SUV.

With so many plans in mind, the brand simply doesn’t have the resources to back all of them at once, so it will take some time before one actually hits the pavement. Not only is there an all-wheel-drive XF and XJ coming up, but also a two-seater based on the C-X16 concept, and a new V-8 engine.

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Hallmark still remains firm on making all of the intended change, and says that despite the difficulties, “We want to deliver the right products to the right markets…This is still a business.” Even though the brand is looking to meet the demands of regional consumers, Jaguar still makes changes that are consistent with its original appeal. Given the popularity of crossover SUV’s in the states, Jaguar should do well with the model.

– By: Alexandra Koken

Source: CARandDRIVER