G-Power upgrades BMW X5 Typhoon for 2011

BMW’s 2011 X5 recently received a G-Power tuner kit dubbed the Typhoon.

The obvious exterior upgrades start with a wide body kit that adds 2.75 inches onto the overall width of the BMW, and adds new bumpers, rear diffuser, fenders, and spoiler. A carbon-fiber hood replaces the stock part fitted with vents to keep the motor cool and using the material to cut down on weight. The package rides on 315/25R23 Michelin tires that house a set of twenty-three-inch wheels.

On the inside the X5 gets a new steering wheel, aluminum pedals, and the option to upgrade the upholstery. A new speedometer puts the top speed at 160-mph, to accommodate for the extra horsepower G-Power pulls out for the Typhoon.

A stainless-steel sport exhaust and a chip are responsible for the few extra horses.

– By: Alexandra Koken