Yo-Auto from Russia to show Yo-Concept at Frankfurt Motor Show

Besides all the major automakers headed to Frankfurt next week for the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, one of the lesser known companies will be making some headlines as well. One of those will be Yo-Auto from Russia, which will show its new Yo-Concept.

The Yo-Concept is one of the three hybrid vehicles the Russian automaker is working on. The concept, which is not intended for production, previews the company’s future products and introduces the brand to the worldwide market.

The Yo-Auto Yo-Concept features a comparative powertrain setup to the Chevrolet Volt. There is a battery pack that fuels the electric-motor for a certain number of miles and when the batter depletes, there is a rang-extendind gasoline engine providing additional range.

Looks pretty interesting to us.

– By: Omar Rana