Nissan’s LEAF continues to outsell Chevrolet Volt on a monthly basis

2011 Nissan LEAF

Nissan’s all-electric LEAF continues to outpace the Chevrolet Volt in monthly sales, however, General Motors says all that will change really soon. GM sold a total of 302 units of the Volt in August while Nissan managed to sell a total of 1,362 units of the LEAF.

So far, GM has sold 3,172 Volts year-to-date – Nissan has sold 6,186 units of the LEAF since the car went on sale last December.

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When questioned about the widening gap between the LEAF and Volt sales, a GM spokesman said that the summer shutdown of the Detroit-Hamtramck plant where the Volt is built was to blame.

“It’s tough to sell what’s not on dealer lots, but that’ll soon change now that DHam (is) up and running after the planned plant shutdown and vehicles are again in the pipeline,” Rob Peterson, a GM spokesman said. “The fact that more than one-third of Volt sales this month happened this last week and most 2012s are on dealer lots for less than three days is an indication that product is beginning to arrive and demand remains strong.”

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Refresher: Power for the 2012 Nissan LEAF comes from a 107-hp electric-motor that runs on power supplied by lithium-ion cells. On a full-charge, the Nissan LEAF allows for a driving range of 100 miles with a top speed of 90 mph. A full charge takes up to 8 hours on a standard 200V outlet. Buyers can opt for the DC 50kW quick-charger, which recharges the battery up to 80 percent in under 30 minutes. Prices for the 2012 Nissan LEAF will start at $35,200.

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