Chevrolet Camaro is the most popular sports car on Facebook

As the U.S.’s best selling sports car for two consecutive years, the Chevrolet Camaro’s popularity goes beyond the road, to being Facebook’s most-popular vehicle, as well.

With more than 1.8 million fans for the official page, the Camaro has more than any other car. Proving that Chevrolet has reached a younger market, of the 1.8 million fans, 60 percent of them are in the age range of 18 to 34.

Carolin Probst-Iyer is the digital consumer engagement manager for Chevrolet, and she comments that “The community that has grown around the Camaro is truly remarkable. With nearly 2 million fans, people are constantly posting new photos and content, which in turn inspires comments and engagement from other fans. As a result, the community provides an invaluable way for us to communicate directly with the most passionate Camaro enthusiasts and to understand what they like most about their favorite sports car.”

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Since 2010 the Camaro has been outselling the Ford Mustang, and may do so by over 10,000 units between January and August this year. Chevrolet expects the model to continue to gain more popularity with the 2012 launch of the Camaro ZL1, and the Transformers Edition Camaro coming out this fall. The ZL1 model is going to be released at an impressive 550-hp, making it the most powerful Camaro to date.

– By: Alexandra Koken