Video: Obama’s new Presidential Bus costs about $1.1 million

Obama Limo Bus

The President of the US of A has been known to travel pretty seriously. From armored plated Cadillac limousines, to Air Force One. Being the person of his stature, it’s obvious that he needs some serious form of transportation. That’s why President Obama is rolling around in a new tour bus for his Midwest US campaign. So I guess, if the presidential limousine is known as “the beast,” then the new tour bus can be called “the leviathan.”

The White House said that Obama’s bus cost about $1.1 million and features the latest and greatest security and communications technology. But of course, to keep the president will protected, neither the White House nor the Nashville, TN-based Hemphill Brothers Co. coachbuilder shared specifics.

Still, to give the public an idea of the kind of luxury Obama has been travelling around with, Hemphill hinted saying that the bus includes a full-sized bed stateroom, a bathroom with a granite shower, bunk beds with privacy curtains, leather sofas, kitchen space and much more.

Obama be ballin’!

Check out the video after the jump.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: ABC News

Chris Chin

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