GM releases statement on Cadillac Escalade having a high theft rate

Cadillac has released a statement addressing the issue of high theft rates on the Escalade. Although the the SUV is equipped with a system called PASS Key 3+, which is a cryptographic immobilizer system that has significantly dropped theft rates, the problem remains present.

GM’s global lead of vehicle theft prevention Bill Biondo says “We are currently implementing four new pieces of ‘armor’ on Escalade intended to reduce vehicle thefts, particularly those called push away. We are committed to beating the thieves and expect these new theft deterrent systems to greatly reduce the Escalade’s rate of theft and lower its position on the HDLI’s list.”

As of 2010, a steering column lock system was added to prevent the push away theft, but 2012 additions include an improved version of that system. Also added are available options of an inclination sensor that sounds when the angle of the vehicle is modified, such as towing, and a shock sensor that reduces theft of items left inside the vehicle. To prevent wheel and tire theft, an upgraded wheel lock system can be added, and a shock sensor that detects things like breaking glass.

Biondo also notes that “Beyond developing theft deterrent systems and technologies, we continually work with law enforcement agencies across the country to help educate these agencies on our systems but equally important is to learn from them what is actually occurring in the field so we can continue to develop effective theft deterrent solutions for our customers.”

GM’s OnStar system is also an option on the Escalade, which can locate, immobilize, and disable stolen vehicles.

By: Alexandra Koken