Canadian professor keen on plastic car parts made from cows that have suffered from being Mad

Mad Cow

Associate Professor at the Universe of Alberta’s Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutritional Science, David Bressler, is all about conservation, and believes that automakers can do their part, as well.

Leather is an increasingly popular material in today’s cars, covering everything from seats to floor mats and more. Bressler believes that the interior parts that are generally made from plastic can be replaced with cow parts that are usually disposed of.

Cow parts from cows that have suffered from Mad Cows Disease would be used, including brain, eyes, skull, spinal cord, tonsils, and others to make plastics.

With a patent pending, much of the details are still unknown, however we do know that to produce a stiff material, proteins from these parts would be heated until broken into small pieces, then cross-linked to other protein molecules.

An Ontario auto parts maker is now testing the plastics, and Bressler believes there is a possibility that they could be ready for automakers by next year.

By: Alexandra Koken

Source: WOT
Image Source: MacWallpapers