Don’t want to sell your arm, leg for a Bentley? Just sell one for some Bentley shades!

Bentley Estede Shades

There are many ways you can indulge in various high-end brands without having to sell an arm, a leg and a kidney for one of their cars. One of them is festooning yourself with branded apparel that will only cost one body part rather than of all the three listed. And if you’ve ever thought about selling your arm for some cool shades, then Bentley has you covered.

Bentley Motors and Estede have teamed up to bring you a small collection of a limited production series of solid gold sunglasses. Blingy…The frames are offered in 18ct solid gold, silver palladium, or platinum, all of which are made to order and individually numbered and limited to 100 pieces per color.

“Our main attraction is the level of personalisation that we can offer. The customer can order the frames or sunglasses in the size needed, we can offer them in white, pink or yellow gold (or even platinum if requested),” said Christoph Rosenauer Also the case is made to order and can be in any hide colour that Bentley offers, since we use the same leather as Bentley.”

Prices for glasses start at just €10,000 or $14,426 for the limited edition 18ct versions, where as the standard 18ct versions just start at €7,700 or $11,108 and the platinum versions start at just €31,500 or the cost of a brand new BMW 1-Series M-Coupe $45,445.

So if you’re feeling impulsive with your money, be sure to pick up your personalized pair soon!

Bentley Estede Shades:

Bentley Estede Shades Bentley Estede Shades Bentley Estede Shades Bentley Estede Shades

– By: Chris Chin

Chris Chin

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