Bentley CEO further teases with details of ‘planned’ SUV


Bentley has been talking about a new SUV that will join their lineup for the first time ever. However, a lot of the serious details have been kept from the public. Now though, Mr. Bentley himself, CEO Wolfgang Durheimer has just released some details as to how the Bentley SUV will look.

Let’s remember, that Durheimer also brought us the Porsche Cayenne, which due to Bentley’s ties with Volkswagen, who are also tied with Porsche, the Bentley SUV will take some equipment or at least influence from.

So this means that the new Bentley SUV may be a bit challenging to look at. For instance, one of the comments that stuck out was from Bentley’s lead engineer, Brian Gush, who said, “it will be different,” with a smile. Now, coming from the man who made the Porsche Cayenne… different doesn’t sound promising. To add to the skepticism, Gush failed to further elaborate.

Durheimer continued saying that the new SUV will heavily borrow from other SUVs in the VAG world. The highlight of the SUV though is that it will have a 12-cylinder engine, again in the VAG world, which will most likely come in the form of a W12 as in the Continental GT.

“From the front view, you will immediately identify it as a Bentley. It comes from the lights and the grille . . . quite vertical, with mesh. I think it’s absolutely important that if you approach the car, you see it’s a Bentley. From the back it will be the same, because nobody has the oval-shaped exhaust pipes that we have, and of course we will make it nice and neat in the back.”

However, despite all of these new details, the SUV still has yet to undergo a green light. But if it does, we could expect it in 2014 and costing more than $200,000.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: CARandDRIVER

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