A 1988 BMW dealership goes untouched, carries original E28 5-Series, E24 6-series

A 1988 BMW dealership goes untouched

Unusual and historic finds can always be interesting and this one certainly is. If you’ve ever wondered what a BMW dealership more or less looked like back in the late 1980s just before they truly skyrocketed here in North America, you now have a chance to step into a little time capsule and catch a glimpse.

An Oakville, Ontario-based BMW dealership stumbled upon an extraordinary find after being intrigued by an abandoned building that sits rather close to the dealer in the neighboring town of Ajax. Upon further inspection, several members from the Oakville dealership discovered that this building was formerly an active BMW dealership too, but has since been active from 1988. From the pictures, it appears the dealership was kept in its complete and original condition—minus some of the furnishings—and appears to be abandoned. However, from what the members found, there also seems to be a few gems still lying around in their original condition.

From the pictures, we can see what appears to be an unused, virtually brand new E24 635CSi sitting on the main showroom floor that supposedly has only 68 or 6000km, depending on which story you choose to believe. There’s also an equally original E28 5-Series sitting right behind it. Sifting further through the photos of the service bay, another E24 6-Series can be spotted with an E23 7-Series sitting behind it in what seems to be pretty good nick. But mystery still surrounds this abandoned BMW dealership as you would think the cars’ tires would be dry-rotted and flat. In some photos, you can see quite an amount of dust on the cars, but the tires seem to be rather new. So someone owns this building and everything inside it, yet the story about this individual is still a convoluted mystery.

After doing some research, the individuals who discovered the building learned that in 1988, the “Citation Motors” dealer had their license to sell cars revoked for unknown reasons. The company then moved to Toronto and then went out of business in 2002. The owner, supposedly a very wealthy German business man, appeared to have no interest in selling his dealerships or even their inventory as everything as aforementioned seems to be intact from 1988.

Rumor has it that an individual in a black E28 5-Series pulls up from time to time. Another rumor has it that the owner was once offered $75,000 CA for the white E24 on the showroom floor, but apparently that’s from five years ago. Either way, it truly is an interesting find.

By: Chris Chin

Source: EndrasBMW

Chris Chin

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