A plumber from Lincolnshire builds world’s longest motorcycle

World's longest motorcycle

So here’s an interesting bit of news. A Lincolnshire, UK plumber by the name of Colin Furze has created the world’s longest motorbike. Capable of seating up to 25 people, Furze’s purpose-built motorcycle was designed to do one thing and one thing only: break the Guinness World Record for the world’s longest motorbike.

Furze had to do some significant changes to the bike quite obviously, which includes a modified suspension. Furze also used one and a half 125cc mopeds and extended the wheelbase by many feet using an extended aluminum frame.

With 25 people sitting on board, Furze proved the function of his motorcycle by getting it up to 35 mph. The only big problem however, was that he found it nearly impossible to steer.

‘When I first got on it I thought it would never work and at a slow speed it’s almost impossible to keep upright,” said Furze. “But once you get going it becomes a bit easier, although it is a real strain on your arms as it has such heavy steering.”

To be considered by the Guinness World of Records, Furze had to drive the motorcycle 100 meters, but was able to ride more than one mile. After the stunt, Furze sent his video to the establishment for verification. Furze currently holds the world record for the fastest mobility scooter, which tops out at 71 mph.

‘This motorbike was so heavy and difficult to drive I think it would be impossible to make a longer bike. I think this record will stand for a very long time,” Furze concluded.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: DailyMail
Image Source: Geoff Robinson